Friday, 17 April 2009

Beer is Best

So claimed The Brewers Society in the 1930's, a popular sentiment echoed by Robert Weston & Bert Lee in The Beefeater, but they wouldn't get away with any such thing these days, oh no; not in an advertisement, anyway. A wild claim? - not if a recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority is anything to go by - they "...concluded that the poster breached the Code by suggesting that the beer could increase confidence." That's this poster below, in case you've not seen it already.

Shocking eh - How grateful we in the UK are, to be looked after with such dilligence, that after a whopping three complaints, they pull an ad', not for it's piss-weak humour or dreary stereotypes, but for supposedly espousing a truth which is pretty much self-evident to anyone who's ever let a drop of alcohol past their lips. Good Grief!, I knew they'd banned ads showing that beer err, got you drunk (in a positive way, it's fine to show stumbling, slurring fools), or made you look like batchelor Johnny Cool, but this is really silly. I wonder sometimes, if like aspects of local & national government, the ASA & TV complaints departments operate solely to allow the very few to impress their crackpot views on the rest of us... where do I sign up?.

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