Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ann Courtney & The Late Bloomers - the pollyanna ep

If you were fortunate enough to have made an Ann Courtney & The Late Bloomers gig in the past, you'd have likely come away with a copy of 'the polllyanna ep' free of charge - three very fine songs - as Ann says "The purpose was to introduce people to our music, have a shinier and more complete package than a demo, but still...succinct. Perfect for the short-attention span!". Feeling deprived like me? - well, they've kindly agreed to let me make the songs available here - such nice people.

If you can make Brooklyn - there's a gig at Southpaw on 28 May - details here, and a residency at Rockwood Music Hall - NYC, 9PM every Wednesday in June.


Glass Eye

Music Box

Get 'the pollyanna ep' on CD from CDbaby & definitely have a listen to/download three songs from their new 'Crocodile' album, which is released today by The Cougar Label on CD or as 256K mp3s - I can hardly recommend it enough. Share some love with 'em on myspace or facebook too.

Perfect Medicine
Don't Be a Fading Bruise
Nothing On Me
I Keep a Pilot Light
Nice & Quiet
Strong Arm
Shut Your Mouth
Down for the Winter
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