Monday, 20 April 2009

1st Dude - Bassid

I seem to come across quite a bit of free-release elctroniccy/experimental stuff, for some reason, and much of it's not especially listenable, or even just 'interesting' for me; but I always give it a spin, & share what gets more than a couple of plays. Latest in that line, is the recent release from Astor Bell, a free netlabel based in Stockholm, who stick to 'exclusive and original electronic' music, and put everything out as 320K mp3s. It's a six-track offering by 1st Dude, an allegedly mysterious man from Wiltshire (aren't they all?), entitled 'Bassid'.

Likely I'm missing the point, but I wish the tracks were more developed - I want them to turn into something, or even just be longer, allowing the rhythms to sink in. As it is, I'm minded of extended snippets for film or tv - with the possible exception of It's-An Italian, these feel like an abbreviated tasting menu rather than rounded courses.

It's-An Italian - 1st Dude

Black Robin - 1st Dude

both from Bassid (2009)
a free download from Astor Bell | 1stDude website

If you like what you've heard so far - have a crack at 1st Dude's previous release - Damn B - all the tracks are downloadable.

<a href="">Dude Music by 1st Dude</a>

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