Friday, 6 March 2009


Adorable this is - starts out with some simple guitar, then the loveliest of voices repeats 'B I L L I EH OL ID A Y'. hmm, doesn't seem too good in print eh; but listen - you'll see. Then they segue into quite the nicest & sad-sounding cover of the Mary Wells hit - My Guy.

Billie Holiday - Warpaint
Exquisite Corpse EP (2009)
buy on itunes | hear more on Warpaint's myspace

Beyond that, I can't tell you much about Warpaint, save that they are:
Emme La Femme - vocals guitar
Theresa the Piece A - vocals guitar
Jenny Problemi - vocals bass
King Davey - drums

and that if you're anywhere near LA on 14 March, you should see 'em at the Los Angeles Theatre, 615 S.Broadway. Dunno who else is playing, but Warpaint at such a great looking venue? gotta be worth a trip.

You can read a nice review of the EP/Launch party here

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