Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tuesday's Song - Frida Hyvönen

Up at the crack of 05:30, just me, the birds, and the Fat Cat watching pigeons potter in the garden; and music too of course, always with the music. I've got Frida Hyvönen for you this morning, a Swedish singer/song-writer I'm very partial to, with something from her first album 'Until Death Comes', released in 2005, and last year's 'Silence Is Wild'. If you're the type that considers what other artists share a small label, she's on Licking Fingers, along with The Concretes & El Perro del Mar, which should come as a huge recommendation.

These are both really nice, and show the two sides of Frida's recorded work rather well - beautiful, sparse, piano & vocals; or songs evidently written for, or on a piano, but arranged & performed otherwise; sometimes a little too middle of the road radio for my liking, but what do I know?.

Today, Tuesday - Frida Hyvönen
Until Death Comes (2005)
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Birds - Frida Hyvönen
Silence Is Wild (2008)
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