Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Traditionist - Season to Season

One from the inbox, this; and I won't pretend to have played the whole album; but if the three tracks below are at all representative - it must be worth a punt.

The Traditionist is Joey Barro of The Antiques, and the twelve songs on 'Season To Season" were originally intended for them - indeed, The Antiques recorded 'Driftwood Doll', my favourite of those below, for a Daytrotter Session way back in 2007. A long time in the making then... hence the title, perhaps?; well worth the wait from what I've heard.

I tell you - my song of the day for sure
Driftwood Doll - The Traditionist

I Know My Ocean - The Traditionist

A Sleep Be Told - The Traditionist

all taken from 'Season To Season' - released today on Better Looking Records
buy it from amazon | itunes | & check out the myspace

Season To Season:

1 Shallow Winter's Moon
2 A Sleep Be Told
3 Only a Nightmare
4 Driftwood Doll
5 Make Believe Tree
6 No Self Portrait
7 My Train
8 Pet Elephant
9 Satchel Paige
10 To the Parlor
11 Answer Phone
12 I Know My Ocean

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