Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Song

A song for every day of the week (until I run out) - today's is from the fabulous Dolly Mixture. Never Mind Sundays was first released in 1983 on the band's own Dead Good Dolly Platters label, as part of the very limited edition double album Demonstration Tapes. A version also appeared on the Japanese issue CD - dreamism! in 1998.

Dolly Mixture at their best, to my mind - Debsey's vocals right up front, Hester's crisp drumming showing that yes indeed, girl-groups can really play their instruments, simple jangly guitar from Rachel; and it's not tooo sweet - just right, in fact. Ahh, the gems you find here.

Never Mind Sundays - Dolly Mixture
this version: dreamism! (1998)
buy for 45 quid! (yeah right) or read more here

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