Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday's song - Keith West

Something slightly psychedelic from the sixties, for you to savour on a sunny Saturday. 'On a Saturday' was a Keith West 'solo' release in 1968, with Ronnie Wood on bass, Steve Howe on guitar, and some excellent, energetic drumming from Aynsley Dunbar. Mark Wirtz is credited as producer.

Enough name-checks, this is wonderfully dreamy & evocative - anyone know if it made the charts? (bloody shoulda done).

Sunny days chase the night, waiting for the dawn
Now the season is rapidly changing, it's alive and warm
A new day is born
Why should I be worried or hurried?
Does she know the way that I feel?, when we meet for a while on a Saturday, sunny Saturday afternoon

On a Saturday - Keith West
On a Saturday / The Kid Was a Killer (single on Parlophone -1968)
available to buy on cd - Tomorrow or A Teenage Opera

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