Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday's Song - The Cure

Coo-eee; a whole week of day related tunes, so I'm back to Saturday, which does give one of the largest number of songs to choose from. I've picked The Cure today - the B-side of likely the first painfully hip & up to the minute single I ever bought, which led me to getting all of the early Fiction label releases (sadly the local shops had sold all the original Small Wonder editions).

I saw The Cure play live once or twice in '79 - first time out they looked totally bemused at the idea that some kid might want their autographs on anything, never mind whatever scrap of paper came to hand. Poor guys - on one occasion the local crew of trench-coated rockabilly-punks got on stage & danced up a storm; while stealing the microphones & anything else that could be stashed in a large pocket. Welcome to Portsmouth, boys.

Stone me - thirty years ago & I can still remember repeat visits to some old record shop, until they had fresh supplies of this; and the other lads crowding round just to bloody look at it after a school-day lunchtime buying trip. Here you are then,  proper Cure to my mind...

10.15 Saturday Night - The Cure
Killing an Arab / 10.15 Saturday Night 7" single (1978/9)
buy it on Three Imaginary Boys

I must have played that Three Imaginary Boys album, which this opened, half to death in 79/80 - it's still impossible to hear the end of 10.15 without expecting the immediate start of Accuracy. Funny how some albums & mixes ingrain their play-order in your mind - if you asked me what track came next , I probably couldn't say; but hear or imagine one song ending, and I know right away what follows.
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