Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saturday Song

Ha! - a fit of musical foolishness that's doubtless been done before... still, maybe I can string it out for a few weeks? (that's every day, not just Saturdays).

For starters then - a glorious track from the rather under-appreciated Ideal Free Distribution, who just might be gigging this year.

from their excellent self-titled debut album, which I totally recommend you get hold of & listen to, in all its psychedelic pop splendour.
Saturday Drive - Ideal Free Distribution
Ideal Free Distribution (2007)
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The eagle-eyed (eared?) might recall that I posted that before, as a two minute marvel, so to ensure you don't feel cheated - have a lesser known Easybeats song.

Saturday Night - The Easybeats
Who'll Be The One / Saturday Night 7" single (1967)
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