Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saint Bernadette

A new EP 'Word To The Lourdes' is out in a couple of weeks, from Saint Bernadette - doesn't Meredith sound more than a bit like the guy from Scissor Sisters on this track?, just me I expect, cuz it also brought a glammed & camped up Avengers to mind, which is a huge plus. If the rest of the ep's as good, it'll be a treat.

Already Gone - Saint Bernadette
Word To The Lourdes EP (April 14)
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That's quite the difference in style, both musically & vocally, compared with last year's 'I Wanna Tell You Something' EP, and the 2007 album 'In The Ballroom', for that matter... if the apparent sea change is representative of a new direction, then for me, it's very welcome.
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