Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Ropes

What an enormous pleasure it is, getting 'yet another' promo email, & finding that the music's as good as good can be, or downright bloody wonderful, actually. So it was with The Ropes, a two-piece from NYC who I heard for the first time yesterday. That's right, just the two of 'em; Sharon Shy on bass & vocals, Toppy on drums and guitar/keys (he plays drums with the guitar still slung round his neck, apparently).

What do I hear? - Hardcore era Pulp with Poe singing, might be accurate for 'I Don't Like to Get Dirty', a little more Poe/Pink (that's a massive thumbs up, so far as I'm concerned) on 'Kill Her Off', but tracks from the recent ep 'Be My Gun' are rather harder to pin down, which is a great sign of things to come. Hell's Bells, Sharon's got an amazing voice, that's for certain - whether strong & assured, or soft & breathy,as the song demands; it's always very alluring indeed. When are they gonna play the UK again?, soon I hope.

Be My Gun - The Ropes
Be My Gun EP (Feb 2009)

I Don't Like To Get Dirty - The Ropes
Cry To The Beat EP (2008)

Kill Her Off - The Ropes
What Do They Do For Fun (2008)

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