Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Pree - A Chopping Block

I'm more than a little taken with the first EP by Pree - although surely playing it ten times in a day counts as "downright in love-with"?. Whatever, 'A Chopping Block' is really impressive in my book - May Tabol's voice (reminiscent of say, Regina Spektor, & a far less mannered Joanna Newsom), is quite the treasure, and her words reward an attentive listener, as does the detailed, but never crowded, soundscape. Try it loud, or through some decent headphones - you'll surely hear what I mean.

Hard for me to describe with any real accuracy, this ep feels like a journey around some elusive, occasionally rustic part of America, dreamy yet arresting, nicely taking in various traditional & modern styles & instruments, stopping off to explore specific places, events, and the individuals & emotions that inhabit them - Delightful.

In The Parlor - Pree
A Chopping Block (released March 24 2009 on The Kora Records)
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If I've any criticism, (and hmm, obviously I do have) it'd be the play order; second track - 'In The Parlor', sounds too close in vocal rhythm and guitar, to follow the opener - 'Heaven is a Drag'; maybe that's the idea?, and such similarities are like pearls before me?, but it is enough to give a casual listener the idea that something's stuck on repeat.

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