Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oops - songs about Mountains

Plainly not the Contrast Podcast here, but had I gotten round to it... this week's theme is/was Mountains, and one of these woulda been my choice (hey, they say anyone can join in) . Cripes, I could build a six-lane motorway with good intentions, but the days dribbled by, and almost a week after resolving to have a crack - err, well... I haven't done. Sunshine, Moonlight, & Good Times I can't blame, nor any form of dancing; just bloody depression - maybe next week eh?, I'll kick my own arse otherwise.

Starting off with the song I'd elected to (hopefully) get on the podcast - you'll have to imagine my soothing 'Sarf of England' voice waxing lyrical over Anthony Newley. Before introducing the song, written by Newley & Leslie Bricusse, let's run through a few other tunes wot he wrote... Goldfinger (yeah, the Bond theme); Candy Man (love the Sammy Davis jr version) from Willy Wonka, along with all the others from the film; Feeling Good (Nina Simone et al); On a Wonderful Day Like Today; What Kind of Fool am I?; The People Tree... I won't bore you with 'em all.

It's all about the music here, but I can't do without commending one of his lesser known acting roles - the wonderfully surreal The Strange World of Gurney Slade - a video snippet at the end.

My reason for picking this, beyond the rather obvious title connection, is that most songs about mountains are either celebrating the physical things, or recognising the challenge of climbing them... but here, from Stop The World, I Want To Get Off, we've a man planning to build one, & then push a daydream up it.

Gonna Build a Mountain - Anthony Newley
The Decca Years

Lots of others I could have gone with - hope you find one you like.

fronted by half of The Knife - back in '99
Something Above The Mountains - Honey Is Cool
Early Morning Are You Working? (1999)

Big Rock Candy Mountains - Harry McClintock
O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack

Mountain Energei - The Fall
Country On the Click (2003 - not The Real New Fall LP version)

The Fucking Mountains - The Unreliable Narrator

Magic Mountain - Blonde Redhead
Misery Is a Butterfly (2004)
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Get the thoroughly enjoyable, current 'Mountains' Contrast Podcast by clicking below - next week's theme is Trios, and I will try harder to get my act together.

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