Saturday, 14 March 2009

Norb Payr

What's this - a post with no mp3's? - well yeah, but trust me - it's well worth your while getting over to Norb Payr on myspace, where you can stream six songs from his upcoming album - Hiding Place.

Very much 60's influenced (nowt wrong with that), my limited mental music library says hints of Rubber Soul era Beatles, Byrds, and various folk-rock I can't put a name to now; Norb's guitar skills shining throughout the seven songs I've heard. The lovely thing, is how the tunes seem so familiar after just a few plays; I don't mean they sound like something in particular you already know, (I said influenced, not pastiched), more that the melodies, lyrics & arrangements become oh so pleasingly ingrained, very quickly - the old favourite you first heard, umm, yesterday. I do like when that happens.

Norb Payr - Hiding Place, out in April on Pumpkin Records : pre-order it by email ; €10 + postage

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