Friday, 27 March 2009

Norb Payr - Hiding Place

So I mentioned Norb Payr a week or so ago, describing his music as ...hints of Rubber Soul era Beatles, Byrds, and various folk-rock I can't put a name to..., which I still think is a reasonable first impression, and certainly puts over the nostalgic feel, but doesn't convey the gentleness, the compassion, that runs through all his songs; I get the clear idea of Norb being a really nice guy, who quietly notices things about people & places, then crafts them into musical form.

Last time, I didn't have any mp3s for you. Well, Norb has agreed to let me share a couple, and really, I've had a hard time choosing - the problem is that they're all so good, and I keep changing my mind, a new favourite on every play. The bouncy, upbeat 'Cloud 9' ?, something slower & beautifully calming, like 'Wild wide sea' or 'Hey Mister' ?, the ambling country-blues of 'You Better Stop' ?. In the end, I've gone with 'Memory', which is just a delight, and the album title track - 'Hiding Place', because they nicely demonstrate the warmth & musicianship that'll draw you in & leave you feeling fine.

Memory - Norb Payr

Hiding Place - Norb Payr

Stream more songs by Norb Payr on myspace - his album, Hiding Place, is out now on Pumpkin Records : buy it via email : €10 + postage

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