Thursday, 26 March 2009

new stuff that's good

A little lazy, I know - but here's a few recent inboxers that got way more than one play, I've a shortage of words this morning, or maybe they're being rationed in these economic straits, just like colour was after the war? (thanks Alexi), but not having a lot to say doesn't mean much, 'cept there's less to read, which might be a good thing.
Whatever, you can't stop the music... (no-body can stop the music), gah!, that's the Village People in my head, YMCA, In The Navy, Macho Man... oh heavens, gotta listen, now!; they're the musical equivalent of The A-Team I reckon - funny, formulaic & fuckin' ace. Great big grin on my face while playing ymca - marvellous, I'm happy now.

Nooo, Jeremy Enigk sounds nothing like The Village People, or the A-Team (Mr T's back on telly here, btw - yay!), and I'm reserving judgement about whether or not his voice grates any for a full album, but Mind Idea is very good, although I'd mix the leccy guitar wayyy up in the chorus, add some needed oomph it would. Damn, that chorus chord progression is wicked - a prize if you can relieve my pondering which Beatles song it reminds me of, cuz I know it, but... ooh, that'll bug me all day.

Mind Idea - Jeremy Enigk
OK Bear (May 12 on Lewis Hollow)

A treasure of a voice, bouncy indie-folk & a California feel (nah, I've never been), reminded me of a deeper, breathier Sheryl Crowe, but then I played some & found Schuyler was way better to these ears. Definitely listen to more at msypace you should.
The Good Stuff - Schuyler Fisk
The Good Stuff (Feb 2009)
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OK, this felt patchy on first play, albeit nicely theatrical & familiar; it's chuffing well infectious though, and I keep returning to it over & over, enough to search for more, which was a rewarding exercise. I hear early Sparks, bigtime, with all the inventiveness, & vaudeville, & varied vocal styling that suggests. Two more tracks (presumably) from the upcoming album, 'John & Betty' + 'Life Garden' are well worth checking at myspace.
Gun and the Sword - Chase Pagan
Bells & Whistles (June 2009 on Esperanza Plantation)
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same guy, a taste from 2007; very good & not at all Sparksy.
Waltzing in the Sky - Chase Pagan
Oh, Musica! (2007)

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