Monday, 16 March 2009

my picks from the March MAP

This month's instalment of the Music Alliance Pact is out & about - there are now 24 participating blogs from around the world; every month you get one track from an artist or band in each country. It's a great way to discover something new - read the March list at The Pop Cop, who came up with the idea.

As always, there's some splendid finds to be made; and not to suggest that the others aren't well worth a listen - these jumped out & grabbed my attention.

Lemons (aka BigFishLittlePond) - Amos the Transparent
My, What Big Teeth You Have... EP (March 2009)
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Staying (just) the right side of heavy for my tastes, this Brazilian rock band remind me a bit of Cheeseburger - dunno why we've got a 2007 track, rather than the new single, but hey - this is better anyway.
Big Deal - Black Drawing Chalks
Big Deal (2007)
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Vocals here have me thinking early Jarvis - the track's nicely Pulpy too, but poppier & lovely female voices on their myspace tracks; definitely worth going there.
Dried Up, River Blues - Corsage
Finito L'Amore (2009)
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wow, what a gentle,relaxing voice this guy has, real easy-listening - & I don't for a moment mean that unkindly.
Move It On - David Kitt
The Nightsaver (March 27 2009)
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split in January this year - no more indie-punky gems from these Bavarian boys - check out the Russel Mael'ish vocal around 2:30, it's perfect.
Keep My Name Out Your Mouth - Five! Fast!! Hits!!!
free download single (2008)
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more than a hint of Bjork, and maybe some Mael, from male Mexican singer Juan Son - dunno if a whole album might grate... but the title track's very good indeed.
Mermaid Sashimi - Juan Son
Mermaid Sashimi (Feb 2009)
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first time I've seen a band compared to Neil Young, & thought 'yeah, that's spot-on', but I'm not much of a (Young) fan, for some reason, although I love this, which has a welcome, harmonious Blue Oyster Cult thing for me.
Bloodlines - Leader Cheetah
The Sunspot Letters
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'rock n roll' with a punky, indie twist; but from the Republic of Korea.
The Lioness - Pavlov
Debut EP (2008)

Oh wow! - this oozes bouncy, wistful goodness. Gorgeous Swedish pop; if a shade muffled; like the memories it represents.
Good Times Are Gone Forever - Two White Horses
We are Two White Horses (April 2009)

Finally (of my picks) - a wondrous voice from Argentina, which reminds me, I've an album to share sometime by Pol.
Te Voy A Vencer Por Knock-out - Lola Arias & Ulises Conti
El Amor Es Un Francotirador
Chosen Fruit -Apple Certified Specialist Support for your Mac