Tuesday, 31 March 2009

more from The Trees

Just like the title says - two more tracks by The Trees from their excellent album 'Things That Make You Happy', which can be downloaded free, from last.fm. Always a good sign if you get a new favourite on each listen-through... here's the trip-hoppy, tuneful and fuzzy 'Stop Talking' (the final thirty-odd seconds sound especially cool through headphones + I love the drum break just before midway), and a more delicate, acoustic guitar-led number - 'Odd One Out', which is beautiful, with lovely quiet little details; it's actually the sorta gentle song, fine harmonies, that I always thought The Bees shoulda done more of.

Stop Talking - The Trees

Odd One Out - The Trees

from 'Things That Make You Happy'
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Download the whole album free at last.fm

And in case you missed the glorious first track I posted a couple of days ago - here it is
Dirty Money - The Trees
Chosen Fruit -Apple Certified Specialist Support for your Mac