Monday, 30 March 2009

Monday's song - Tender Forever

Ohh, such a short, almost impossibly bittersweet song today, from the lovely Melanie Valera, who is Tender Forever. If you haven't heard her before, it'll hopefully serve as a suitable introduction to her delightful, yet near painfully personal music. She has a voice & an eloquent ease of expression to die for, never mind Naples.

Just two albums, far as I know - The Soft and the Hardcore, that this is from, and the equally charming Wider, both hugely recommended for their touching short songs of love, separation & emotional tragedy. If Tender Forever is new to you, I'm actually jealous.

Every Monday - Tender Forever
The Soft and the Hardcore (2005)
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1 April - Underground Coffeehouse - Bellingham, Washington
2 April - The Den - Tacoma, Washington
3 April - Seattle, Washington
4 April - TBA - Portland, Oregon
5 April - ARCATA, California
6 April - UC Berkeley - Berkeley, California
7 April - Bimbo’s 365 Club - San Francisco, California
8 April - SOhO Restaurant and Music - Santa Barbara, California
9 April - The Echo - Los Angeles, California
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