Monday, 23 March 2009

Monday's Song - The Boys Are Back In Town

I know, no 'Monday' in the title - but look whose cover of Thin Lizzy's song it is. OK, not from their heyday, and perhaps more wishful than factual, a slightly pale imitation of a much better original (both the band and the song); it nonetheless made #24 in the UK charts, and later appeared on the 'greatest hits' album, which makes for curiously depressing listening : forget King Midas - it's more like the Wizard of Oz in reverse, leaving me wondering what the hell I went looking for... no place like home, indeed!.

The Boys Are Back In Town - Happy Mondays
Greatest Hits (1999)
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Original & Best, who doesn't know the tune within seconds of the intro? - this always feels more wistful, jazzy & intelligent than it did when I was twelve... ah, a tear or two. Spread the word around eh.

The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
Jailbreak (1976)
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