Monday, 9 March 2009


Predictably.. I was gonna do some faintly amusing Call My Bluff thing & jest about Milophobia being a fear of chocolate milk drinks, or of legendary Greek athletes, or genius chimpanzees; but that wouldn't have been funny, and anyhow, it's none of the above: Milophobia is the name of a fine band from Edinburgh, who just happen to have an ep out.

The opener 'Soul in a Soulless City' is my choice of the four tracks - it packs a nice thumping, distorted bit of menace, with decently Lydon-esque vocals, & feels like the ominous soundtrack for something you'd sooner not imagine, set in a place you should have left behind years ago. 'The Turning' seems a bit tame after that, but stick up the volume plenty & it makes much more sense - a good one live, I should imagine... although the 'quiet bit before a loud ending' thing could get old quickly; better trimmed down, if you want me to be picky (not that anyone asked).

'Black Wings Unfold' & 'Bedside' are the other two tracks; I liked 'em both a lot in isolation, although back to back I get an upbeat 90's grunge feel that I'm not entirely comfortable with - less of the Fall/PIL/Theatre of Hate vibe I love 'Soulless City" for.

See what you think of these two -

Soul in a Soulless City - Milophobia

Black Wings Unfold - Milophobia

Both from Milophobia's EP - released January 2009, available for a measly three quid + carriage from their myspace, or from several good record shops in Scotland.
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