Sunday, 22 March 2009

Logan Lynn

Two tasters from an album you likely can't buy for six months - Logan Lynn's From Pillar To Post was recorded at The Dandy Warhols' studio & will be released on their own Beat The World label later this year.

I'm very partial to the first track here - Feed Me To The Wolves - and perhaps it's the most accessible on the album?, feeling more like a song than a remix, or clever exploration of electronic rhythms & sounds, which is an impression I got from a couple of plays of the whole thing. If Burning Your Glory is more to your taste (a bit long for me), then you'll almost certainly warm to the rest. It's fairly gentle, introspective electro-beaty stuff; not exactly shoegazing, but err, contemplative, certainly. Bung it on loud enough to catch all the intricacies, chill out or sway about, and it'd be spot-on with a nice glass of red, or the relaxing drug of your choice.

Feed Me To The Wolves - Logan Lynn

Burning Your Glory - Logan Lynn

From Pillar To Post is due in Autumn 2009 on Beat The World
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