Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Left With Pictures

I've been meaning to write about Left With Pictures for a while now - since bumbling into them on myspace & being bowled over by their enchanting, classical ensemble approach to popular music.

The 'Secretly' EP - out on Organ Grinder Records is a delightful confection of achingly lyrical, clever tunes, each with a distinct character, all infused with splendid harmonies, lovely acoustic guitar, melodica, & charming string arrangements; it feels to me like a mini chamber-opera of pop-songs - five beautifully observed stories in words & music, teasing the emotion out of Englishness & neatly presenting it for your listening pleasure.

Oh gawd, that sounds poncy - I should really replace myself with someone who can actually write; anyway - Left With Pictures are quite outstanding, have a listen & let me know what you think... & if you like 'em, go by their myspace & say so. Oh, and if you're anywhere near London - they're playing live tomorrow night, at The Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon.

My pick of the 'Secretly EP' - any band who can convincingly open a number with "We heard the head of MG Rover here last week" get my respect.
Professional Help - Left With Pictures
Secret EP (2008)
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Definitely get the CD if you're buying - it's a really nice-looking package (pics)

Bows and Arrows - Left With Pictures
from Bows and Arrows/Piece of Me? (2007)

Say - Left With Pictures
The Mules Present -"Pick Your Own" (2007)

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