Tuesday, 3 March 2009

last night's gig - Arthur, Hold Fast & Luke Ferre

Hannah Clark, from Arthur

Well, a wet March Monday night may not have helped, but The Cellars in Portsmouth was sadly full of space, rather than punters last night - I'd gone down to see Arthur play.

First on was Luke Ferre, very local, very talented and very young (fifteen), who did a nice set of acoustic numbers, including a cool 3-song cover medley that went down very well (took me forever to recognise Britney's 'Hit Me Baby' though). I'd like to hear his songs with a full band sometime.

Coffee Shop Girl - Luke Ferre

Hold Fast, I've enjoyed on myspace, but never seen live 'til last night (not that I get out much - ha!). Described by the promoter (bless him) as 'Siouxsie & the Banshees for the 21stC ( sound familiar?); that's well-meant & very complimentary, but doesn't do Hold Fast justice. They're way more original than that, & very good indeed, although I could have done with a longer set, and hearing the vocals better (noo, not my ageing ears), A band to see again.

Submit - Hold Fast

And so to Arthur, who I had very high hopes for, being really impressed by their EP - 'Cinderella Story'. I think the slightly indistinct vocals robbed them of much deserved impact, and certainly initial tech troubles did no favours, but I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed with the sound, involvement and short set; while nonetheless hoping to see them again. Perhaps it was the poor attendance?, I dunno - the EP's great though, and a trifling £1.80.

Cinderella Story - Arthur
from the Cinderella Story EP (2009)
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Serial Killer Sunday - Arthur

Arthur on myspace

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