Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Juan Maclean & Tortured Soul

I seem to have been 'getting on down' (in my sedentary style), to quite a bit of dancey sorta stuff lately; been a nice change from fairly fruitless perusal of upcoming local gigs & bands this week - notanother-indie-power-pop-bunch, I've sighed, more than once; talk about beware the bloody ides of March.

Anyhow, a lack of live acts to wet my whistle, or even tickle my fancy (ooer), meant my musical net got cast far & wide('ish), & caught a couple of undoubtedly danceable doozies.

First up, The Juan Maclean with a remix of 'One Day' by James Curd. I like this more & more with each listen - all groovy, up-beaty, & very Human Leaguey - just the ticket. Very different from 'Find a Way', which is equally fine, but has a more disco/PIL thing going, that I love to bits - listen to & download Find a Way, & if you like it, try the dark, dubby , instrumental - Deviant Device... nine minutes is never enough.

One Day (James Curd remix) - The Juan Maclean
from 'The Future Will Come' (April 14 on DFA)
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Next - Did You Miss Me by Tortured Soul, which if I'm honest, is not only way beyond my usual listening remit, but also has me thinking of (& playing) Gary Glitter's '73 hit Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again... same sentiment - two very, very different songs. This one's sorta retro 60's soul/r&b, replete with reverby handclaps, in-yer-face drums, and echoes of who knows how many old hits I can't put a name to now?. A super, lovely, smashing, happy, contemporary (despite what I said) sound that's improved my morning no end. Big Smiles.

Did You Miss Me - Tortured Soul
from Did You Miss Me (March 24 on TSTC)
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