Monday, 23 March 2009

Jesus Put A Bullet Through My Soul

Woo Hoo! - I've been after this particular song for years & years, and just found it sitting somewhere, waiting for today. Truly, it's wonderful - more rock/punk than the other way around, but that's just how I like things. Play it stupidly loud, and prepare to be converted; I love the Christian life.

Jesus Put A Bullet Through My Soul - The Skulls
Dress Up and Die 12" EP (1986)
buy on ebay, or possibly new & sealed from Mike Mindless

Oh goodness, that's excellent - makes you wanna reach out & whack the cymbal bell along with the drummer... the true sound of the eighties for me, and first time I heard it other than a much-loved cassette tape - isn't that a Blue Oyster Cult (Hot Rails To Hell) riff just before the chorus?.

read a bit more about The Skulls (and lotsa pics) here, here and here and now I've got all their tunes (unplayed so far), expect more, if they're any good.
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