Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I prefer the earlier stuff, myself...

Yes, after an abject failure to get it together last week, I did manage to record a brief intro for the latest Contrast Podcast, which has the subject - Trios.

I chose a song from way back when The Cure were a threesome, and Robert Smith hadn't gone & done whatever you call what he went and did, which I didn't much care for, and still don't really, even if that dislike is probably, even now, fuelled by thirty year old teenage resentment at one of my favourite bands making a big shift in style.

"I prefer the earlier stuff myself..." we used to say, and it was a well worn phrase, a standing-joke really, used about any artist, while hoping to seem knowledgeable or cool - but I really did prefer it in the case of The Cure. Not quite so sure about the first David Bowie single below; I mean, it's a decent enough effort, certainly equal to a medium Stones one of the time, but I dunno, it lacks something. We should be grateful perhaps, that the punters didn't go mad for Davie Jones, or his later, Anthony Newley soundalike phase - success then might have altered everything.

Liza Jane - David Bowie

Louie Louie Go Home - David Bowie

Both sides of Bowie's first single, from 1964, recorded as 'Davie Jones with the King Bees'.

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