Sunday, 1 March 2009

I hate when...

Pratting around, tidying my diabolically cluttered desktop of the dozens of mp3's from recent days, and adding some to itunes; I was annoyingly reminded of an occasional gripe whereby ibloodytunes lets a person delete a playlist without so much a by-your-leave: one slip of the backspace key & it's history.

This is sodding aggravating, and especially so when I thought the cursor was in the search box, not the playlist list, and unwittingly erased several of the stupid things before noticing anything was amiss; Bah!. Since it wasn't the first time I'd been buggered about in this way, resolve to fix it was made, and sure enough, you just click a 'reset-warnings' button & all's fine again (not that I'd ever told it not to warn me, ffs!).

Fortunately, fuming over the few minutes work to restore the lost lists, did mean I dug out a splendid  sorta 'psychedelic punk' track by Electric Peace from 1987, which is well worth sharing, and also gives me the opportunity to beg publicly for anyone with a copy of their earlier "Rest in Peace" EP, or specifically, the track "Big Man", to bung it this way, pronto; any nice people out there?

Hate is a Special Feeling - Electric Peace
Medieval Mosquito (1987, Barred Records)

And yes, thanks... I've calmed down now.
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