Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Honey Trees

Certain things (at certain times) strike me as agonisingly, heartbreakingly gorgeous; so beautiful that they engender feelings of not just joy, but huge sadness too, even a need to turn away...

Why, I'm not exactly sure, but perhaps the notion that they're too lovely & unblemished for this world, or maybe a crushing disappointment that life's not the Arcadian dream I often wish it to be, brought painfully to the fore by something that would surely have a place there. Said feelings can be tremendously painful, and tears are often shed, but if I can side-step the familiar, waiting, pit of despair, and concentrate on the goodness that unwittingly opened it, then great joy prevails.

Short version - I'm rather taken with the voice of Becky Filip, singer for The Honey Trees, and a sucker for lovely melodies & the sound of cellos.

Orchard - The Honey Trees

To Be With You - The Honey Trees

from the 'Wake The Earth' EP (2009)
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