Saturday, 7 March 2009

gig tonight - Portsmouth

As the title rather gives away, I am indeed off to a live performance this evening... and it feels sort of odd that (so far as I know) none of the bands playing has any sort of internetty 'presence' (ugh!), despite them being all webbed-up individually. Refreshing, or an unfortunate throwback? - I dunno, it just feels unusual these days when seemingly every Tom, Dick & Harry has a myspace page with their latest efforts, even before a gig in anger.

Actually, I gather there's something on Facebook about tonight's event at the Alma Arms, Highland Road, Portsmouth, where The Flavors, The Roberts, and Collars & Cuffs can be heard (shameless plug, cuz yeah, I know 'em all); but bereft of an account with that particular 'social networking' (another ugh!) outfit, I'm not privy to it.

Of course, it's only really an impediment to me, having no mp3's to bung on an 'mp3 blog' (three ughs), since doubtless it'll be 'local-band-gig' business as usual, and no-one who's not mates with those playing, or a mate of a mate, will turn up; although I know sometimes that can lead to quite the crowd... or not, as has been the case recently where thoroughly decent headliners from out of town have failed to pull much of an audience at all, despite proper(ish) promoters & exposure in what passes for the local press.

Point being what? - well I spose just that myspace & such are useful for finding out roughly what to expect from a band before you hop the bus; strange then that one major local venue consistently fails to include any links or information about their upcoming gigs, despite bothering to have a website - ok, maybe one in five events has more info, and maybe they imagine it's the promoter's job? but it seems a tired & lazy thing to me.

What to have as soundtrack for today's sermon? - easy enough, exactly what I'm listening to now.
The Gospel - The Saturday Knights

Ass Kicker's Haircut - The Saturday Knights

both from Mingle (2008)
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As an aside, and perhaps the subject of some future post - do you have songs that unfailingly come to mind for some particular activity?; I do, a bit like Warner Bros cartoons, where every journey was accompanied by "California Here I Come". Here's mine for any evening arrangement, a number written by Harry Warren & Al Dubin for the 1935 movie-musical 'Go Into Your Dance'.

About a Quarter to Nine - Al Jolson

great song - right? Did you know The Electric Prunes covered it?

About a Quarter to Nine - The Electric Prunes
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - 1967

and for good measure - here's Al, not in blackface, singing it in a scene from the original movie - I much prefer the mp3 version above.

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