Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday's song - Agent Simple

Hmm, unlike Thursday's plans for bedding (no, not the garden sort), today's tune lacks a deal of excitement, although Stefan Strömberg's fine, deep voice does make his intended arrangements sound surprisingly attractive; he's actually lined up a quiet night in, watching telly, with suitable snacks - all in an effort to avoid thinking about  an unnamed (ex?) lover.

What an excellent bit of Swedish pop this is, I'd forgotten all about it (again) & squealed all piggy like on hearing the opening chords. If you like his vocal delivery, you might care for the YY28s, who were blisteringly good, for an all too short period. Ashley Reaks, their singer (in character as Joe Northern), is still making music - check him out here. My word!, they were great, especially live.

Friday - Agent Simple
Shaking an Egg (7" EP - 2007)
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