Sunday, 29 March 2009

Eagles of Death Metal - live in Portsmouth

I dragged myself down to the Pyramids in Portsmouth tonight, for the Eagles of Death Metal gig; what a soulless venue that is, makes the Brighton Centre seem cosy & intimate - all the warmth of a wet Sunday in McDonalds, and just twelve quid to get in, ha!, oh, and another twenty if you wanted a t-shirt; cheap at half the price eh?, err no. The dreadful place was packed though, even had some ticket touts trying their luck outside, so obviously a pretty popular bunch.

One for the fans, I'd say - since the band went down very well indeed, although the crowd was strangely quiet & mostly stationary during the songs, which sound much heavier & Rock and Roll than they do on record; but speaking of songs, I really think they need a writer - there was presence, Attitude (with a capital A), some storming good riffs, and, and... not too much else.

They make a great, if doubtless expensive, covers band - I thought the punters only really got going for their rockin' cover of 'Stuck In The Middle' (the Stealers Wheel number), and 'Brown Sugar' - beyond those, only 'I Want You So Hard', 'Anythin' cept the Truth' & 'Wannabe in LA' made any impression on me... suuure, the audience whooped & hollered at the plainly familiar intro riffing to many others, but the actual songs lacked a deal of substance for this unconvinced listener, - maybe Axl Rose was right? , probably not, of course - in fact I like 'em more now just for that.

You're thinking I'm not a die-hard fan?, and you'd be right, fairly obviously; and they're good, you know, but with some properly memorable songs, they'd be so much better.

Wannabe in LA - Eagles of Death Metal
Heart On (2008)
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If you get this far, you deserve to know that Davey Jo, the guitarist, looked like my Granddad, with a mohican - not good; so blame my apathy on that, if you will.
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