Friday, 6 March 2009


If you come here often, you'll know the score by now - my mind goes off linking numerous covers, or songs with some tenuous relationship to each other. Today's no exception, and I couldn't play that Warpaint track without the following song by The Brook Brothers getting lodged in my shell-like ears.

Warpaint - The Brook Brothers
originally released in 1961 on Pye - produced by Tony Hatch. Warpaint was written by Barry Mann & Howard Greenfield

sure enough - you can't have a song called 'Billie Holiday' without the obvious, can you?
Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday
available on Lady Day : The Best of Billie Holiday

which got me thinking (a little) about artists doing songs about other artists, and you can bet I thought of one or two; but howsabout Dory Previn, singing of both Janis Joplin and Bessie Smith?
Stone For Bessie Smith - Dory Previn
Mythical Kings & Iguanas (1971)

finally then, if you've heard the Warpaint track this started with, you'll maybe have 'My Guy" buzzing about? - buzz no more & hear the original.
My Guy - Mary Wells
written & produced by Smokey Robinson - and doesn't it show?
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