Monday, 9 March 2009

Cody Adams & The Hurricanes

Prioritise - that's the thing; today, the (admittedly) small e-pile of 'albums I was gonna review' will have to wait, again, for the simple reason that something better's come along meantime. That something is Cody Adams & The Hurricanes, who simply put, make some of the most beautiful, gentle, laid-back, almost ambient, acoustic folk that I've ever heard. Echoes of Andrew Bird to me, at times; particularly on the wistful album title track - 'Hair of the Dog', which is so very fine.

Honestly people - it's the kinda music that makes me wanna start a record label...

These two songs are from the 'Hair of the Dog' album

love the opening harmonica on this
A Song from Mother Bluebird - Cody Adams & The Hurricanes

Winter Dress - Cody Adams & The Hurricanes

And here's two lovely cover versions, from an upcoming album of covers - you'll know the first, I'm sure - the second was written by Paul Simon, originally on the debut Simon & Garfunkel album, from 1964.

Sloop John B - Cody Adams & The Hurricanes

Bleecker Street - Cody Adams & The Hurricanes
The bass drum at the end just makes this.

Buy Hair Of The Dog on itunes | amazon That's twenty songs for under ten bucks - go on, you know you want to.

Hear more & make friends with Cody Adams on myspace

It's only fair to name-check all those talented people who make up 'The Hurricanes' - so hats off to

Brenna Reilly
Adrian Frye
Haley Barnes
Dug Deschamps
Glynn Jordan
Colby Sills
Reagan Smith
Ryan Thornton
Justin Flores
Emma Waxley
Jon Dice
Callie Chase
Brendan Moody
Jon Adams

Chances are, you won't have heard of Cody Adams & the Hurricanes before, unless you live around Houston,Texas; and I hadn't until revisiting one Haley Barnes, whose voice I fell for during the Tonight You Belong To Me cover-fest about a month ago. Talent finds Talent I always say (well, I do now I thought of it).
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