Sunday, 1 March 2009

Blackbird Harmony - Hardwood Exits

It must be catch-up Sunday, since I quite by chance chose this album by Blackbird Harmony for a break, after listening to a ton of new stuff. Fitted the bill perfectly, it did; superb, dark, almost sombre country/folk, written by Evan Birdsong, performed by him and Mara Lee Miller (bosque brown) on vocals, Danny Crelin-pedal Steel, Matt Hillyer-guitar, Steve Berg -bass (these three are in Eleven Hundred Springs); with Mark Reznicek on drums (Eleven Hundred Springs and Toadies).

I must have played the album three or four times in a row - it's really that good to my ears; I'm especially taken by Evan's near-detached, yet involving voice, particularly when supplemented by Mara Lee Miller's lovely, sometimes haunting, backing vocals, and that wonderful pedal steel.

Picture of You - Blackbird Harmony

Samaritans - Blackbird Harmony

both from Hardwood Exits (2008)
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and one that didn't make it onto the album - a nice demo cover of Lionel Ritchie's song
Hello - Blackbird Harmony
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