Sunday, 8 March 2009

Becky Jerams

Here's Becky Jerams: a hugely talented young singer from Portsmouth, who I saw play at the Hafdis Huld gig in Portsmouth. Becky did an acoustic set that night, & really impressed with both her voice and song-writing. If you like what you hear below - run by Becky's myspace & relieve the boredom of the video-rental world; I know all about suffering for your art - but Blockbuster?, that's too much.

Becky has recently been working with Chicks With Hits & produced a cracking pop song 'Making Up' that she hopes will find commercial success; read more here - I can imagine Pink (among others) doing real well with it.
Making Up - Becky Jerams

Here's a couple more, all Becky's work this time
Addicted - Becky Jerams

Ghost - Becky Jerams

both from the 'One More Step' CD
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One More Step:

1. Music Ain't The Enemy
2. Addicted
3. Everything
4. Smoke And Coke
5. Selfish Boy
6. Ghost
7. Never Coming Back
8. The Lucky One

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