Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Balky Mule

This song by The Balky Mule turned up a few days ago, & seemed instantly familiar... because it was; I'd heard it via songs:illinois some three months ago. Seems the album - The Length Of The Rail - release must have been delayed, cuz it came out this week on FatCat Records where you can stream every track.

Should you fancy seeing The Balky Mule live ; there are a couple of gigs up tonight & tomorrow, + more listed here.

19 Mar - The Sanctuary Café. 51-55 Brunswick Street East, Hove
20 Mar - The Local. Downstairs at The king's Head, 2 Crouch End Hill, London

Take it as you find it; a charmingly lo-fi, nostalgic swing across a slice of home life, the radio playing familiar tunes, dinner cooking on the range... or let your imagination absorb the oddly profound lyrics : both work beautifully for me.

Spires along the bay, pile-drivers growing tired as they reach through the clay. One thousand metres down, the monster stirs from sleep, fossilising a frown
He's lived a long time, seen movies; he knows the law that states "a curse buried deep in the earth, can not be left to rest, it has to be dug up to demonstrate its evil worth"

Range - The Balky Mule
The Length Of The Rail (2009)
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