Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Union of Knives - We Are All Doing Drugs


What is it, Remix-Tuesday at Marvellous Mansions?; seems slightly that way, although this time it's an original & mix of a much more recent tune by Union Of Knives, who I hadn't heard of until a few days ago. UOK come from Glasgow, and make some excellent electro/Indie sounds. There are six newish tracks on their myspace, of which Doing Drugs is my favourite... not that the others aren't very good too; have a listen yourself.

Play very loud for best results - this is mighty fine.
We Are All Doing Drugs - Union of Knives
The Anti-Fire (2009 tba)
myspace | UOK website

*** As for the remix, well, that was presumably the subject of a dmca takedown notice, and blogger pulled the whole post; so I'll not be including it. ***
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