Friday, 13 February 2009

Tonight You Belong To Me - a Valentine song?

Once more we meet, You look so sweet
Dear, can't you see how I feel?.

I love you still, I always will
You have the same old appeal.

Though you belong to somebody else, Tonight you belong to me.
Though we're apart, you're part of my heart
Tonight, you belong to me.

Down by the stream,how sweet it will seem
Once more, to dream, in the moonlight.

Though with the dawn, I know you'll be gone
Tonight, you belong to me.


At last, a modern take on Billy Rose's 1926 lyrics, that doesn't draw heavily on the schmaltzy Patience & Prudence cover. In fact, it has new music altogether, and has become something quite sinister - a wistful warning. Sends a shiver down my spine.
Tonite You Belong To Me - Hydrogen Jukebox
music: Steve Tromans, vocals: Sid Peacock

A country-hit in 1977 - but likely one of Dottie West's lesser known songs.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Dottie West
When It's Just You and Me (1977)
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Shivaree do a stand-out rendition - slower in tempo, very sparse, and most importantly - not too heavy on the sugar.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Shivaree
Black Session (2002)
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A lot more sweetness, but not cloying - and probably the most recent recording I've featured.
Tonight You Belong To Me - The Bird and the Bee
One Too Many Hearts EP (2008)
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Finally (for now), here's "Mr Rhythm" - absolutely belting out the words, with some brutal brass near the end - splendid!.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Frankie Laine
(1953) single

And yes, there's more... Gene Austin (1926) - my personal favourite, The Broadway Hush, David Houston (Gene's godson)., and maybe more. Surely you've found one that you like?.

Hear a stupid number of other versions on How Marvellous...

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