Friday, 13 February 2009

Tonight You Belong To Me - episode four

Crikey - they keep coming, don't they?, or rather I keep turning 'em up. Firstly today; here's a very sweet version by Cubismo Grafico, replete with steel drums & a great trumpet(?) solo - sounds odd? - maybe on paper, yes; but it works a treat.

Tonight You Belong To Me - Cubsimo Grafico
Tout! (1999)
myspace (at least I think it's the same band)

I'm very fond of this - from 1959, it's best described as 'country-pop' - Floyd had a top-20 hit the same year, with "Makin' Love", actually the B-side of a comedy song - "My Girl". which the record company more or less commissioned after he'd written "The Little Space Girl", a hit for his cousin - Jesse Lee Turner.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Floyd Robinson

Wonderfully bouncy arrangement now - transport yourselves back to 50's tv land.
Lucky enough to be school pals of Lawrence Welk's son - The Lennon Sisters are still going now
Tonight You Belong To Me - Lawrence Welk & The Lennon Sisters
recorded from The Lawrence Welk Show
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This is a bit different - ace squeaky cat-like backing vocals & fuzziness - There's a few bands named 'Nebraska' & I'm not certain which one this is - but it's well worth a listen, albeit not the most romantic interpretation you'll hear.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Nebraska

Simple guitar backing, sweet harmonies, a rustic harmonica break - what's not to like about this?.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Susie and the Byrd

Listen to far too many other versions on How Marvellous...
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