Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tonight You Belong To Me - Epilogue

Looking at the numbers for all the versions of this tune I posted - it's evident that singers-you-already-know are the most popular choice; which is understandable, of course, but might mean missing out on some gems - like the lovely Haley Barnes, for one.

Here's absolutely my final few of these - each in a quite different style; from simple uke & double-bass (Eddie Montana) , through the gentle ambience of North Atlantic Explorers, to the jazz/mini big-band of Terese Genecco. They're all excellent.

Tonight You Belong To Me - Eddie Montana
Entrance to my Heart (2005)
buy | website

Tonight You Belong To Me - North Atlantic Explorers
Skylines (2007)
myspace | free cd (just pay postage, if there's any left...)

Tonight You Belong To Me - Terese Genecco
Drunk With Love (2007)
myspace | buy

Look here for over thirty other versions of the song. My favourites? - it's truly hard to decide, because I like nearly all of 'em; but I think I'll plump for the oldest & newest.

Tonight You Belong To Me - Gene Austin with the Nat Shilkret Orchestra
Victor Records (1926)

Tonight You Belong To Me - Haley Barnes Musica
listen to more from Haley on her myspace

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