Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tonight You Belong To Me - choose your favourite version

Tonight You Belong To Me - a very popular song for Valentines - although given the lyrics "though you belong to somebody else..." I'm not really sure why.

Regardless, it's a sweet love song, which has been covered oh so many times. I've gathered together a few(!) of them. Prior to doing this, I'd have said the Broadway Hush version was my pick - but having heard Gene Austin sing it, without the added syllables on half the words (which has been popular since the Patience & Prudence cover) - I now like Gene's version best of all.

There are some missing - I couldn't find the original 1926 recording by Irving Kaufman, or any others from that year for example - but hopefully you'll discover at least one you enjoy. Highlights for me are Gene Austin, The Honeys (Brian Wilson produced), and David Houston (Gene Austin's Godson).

Good Grief! - I've got over twenty, so I'm gonna spread 'em over the next few days - here's a few to get going...

Tonight You Belong To Me - Patience and Prudence

Tonight You Belong To Me - Eddie Vedder and Janet Weiss (live -Portland 2006)

Tonight You Belong To Me - Katie Enlow
Probably today's top track - a lovely a cappella version.
more from Katie

Tonight You Belong To Me - The Lawn Gnome Barbershop Mutants
more a capella - but squeaky gnome voices - it's actually quite charming.

Tonight You Belong To Me - Meredith Louise Miller
Bob (1992)

OK, that's your fix of five for today - come back tomorrow for Josh Ritter with Blake Hazard, The Honeys, Fiona Apple, and umm, Bunnygrunt. Oh yes, The Cold War Kids, live, too.

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