Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tonight You Belong To Me #3 : Nancy Sinatra, The Chipmunks, The Caravelles, Steve Martin

Well, stone me! - I've posted ten versions already, and have around twenty left, including today's offerings by Nancy Sinatra et al.

It's interesting how often the song is played as a live encore, & of course the lyrics do fit that very well, in part at least. You might be going home with someone else, but while I'm on stage - You Belong to Me.

We'll start with a splendidly upbeat version by Nancy Sinatra, from the "Bubblegum Girl" compilations, but presumably the same recording as the 7" single release on Reprise Records in 1962.

Tonight You Belong To Me - Nancy Sinatra
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Sticking with 60's girly vocals, but British this time... - how about The Caravelles?. This British duo were more or less one-hit-wonders. but the production & overall feel of this, and their big hit "You Don't Have to be a Baby to Cry", is pretty special, I think... or perhaps it's just girls with lotsa reverb? - mmm.

Tonight You Belong To Me - The Caravelles
You Don't Have to be a Baby to Cry (1963)

Probably the most well known version(?) - it's sweet enough I guess, & that's the power of movies... Should you feel inspired to play the song on ukulele - check out the corny video below.
Tonight You Belong To Me - Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters
The Jerk (1979 movie)
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Hmm, this one's quite famous too - grin & bear it eh
Tonight You Belong To Me - Alvin & The Chipmunks
The Chipmunks Sing with Children (1965)
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And finally for today, a marvellous bit of pre-war western-swing - all surface noise & crackles, just the way I like it. Herbert Clayton Penny wasn't really a 'western' enough name, so Hank it was.

Tonight You Belong To Me - Hank Penny & His Radio Cowboys

Tune in tomorrow for yet more covers - Lawrence Welk & The Lennon Sisters, Cubismo Grafico, Susie & the Byrd, Floyd Robinson (1959), and Nebraska (quite a different take on the song).

Still to come : Gene Austin's sweet, sweet one - as old a recording of the tune as I'm able to find (1926), and likely my favourite. The Broadway Hush, Frankie Laine, David Houston (Gene Austin's Godson), The Bird & The Bee, Shivaree, Dottie West; and a strangely sinister reading of the words over different music; by Hydrogen Jukebox - which puts a very different slant on things.

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The Caravelles

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