Friday, 20 February 2009

Tim Fite - free album : Change Of Heart

As ever, late as hell with all the news that's fit to print... I draw your attention to the following- Tim Fite fans got a free Halloween album last year (& the year before), and woo hoo if he didn't go giving away a Valentine one too.

"It is a bit different from my other recordings, because it doesn't have anything to do with the outside world. I made Change of Heart while working on Fair Ain't Fair and sorting through the wide array of emotions that result from a broken heart. For this reason, I ask that you handle these songs with care, as they are very fragile."

Here's a couple from it...

A Better Fence - Tim Fite

Waiting For Nothing - Tim Fite
both from Change of Heart (2009)
get the album - free

It was "Over The Counter Culture" that got me into Tim Fite -

Place Your Bets - Tim Fite

I've Been Shot - Tim Fite
both from Over The Counter Culture (2007)
get the album free & legal

Tim | myspace

For even more free stuff - there are two sessions from last year :
Daytrotter Session #1 (May 2008)
Daytrotter Session #2 (November 2008)

So, is there anything you can actually pay for? - well yes...
buy Tim Fite's "Fair Ain't Fair" from Anti-, and "Gone Ain't Gone" from Amazon or iTunes

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