Saturday, 14 February 2009

That's Just The Name of the Shop, Love...

I mean, look - they sell net-curtains

I should have titled this post " Neko Case album leak " or something equally inaccurate...One of my favourite "comedy applied to real-life" gags, that I bandy around whenever the situation presents itself, comes from The Bonzo Dog Band - "Shirt". It's four and a half minutes of music/sketch combined, and at one point our subject enters a "59-Minute Cleaners" & asks to have his shirt cleaned, express.

When told that it'll take three weeks, he complains - mentioning the sign outside... & well, you can imagine the rest, I'm sure.

As well as taking an absurd delight in coming across businesses & restaurants to which "just the name of the shop" applies, I also imagine being rich enough to open all sorts of misnamed establishments, purely so that I can inform a stream of customers about their, umm, misunderstandings.

"Everything Under a Pound", "Andy's Eight 'til Late" - there are endless possibilities, even if many have already been unwittingly done for real. "Perfect Pizza", "Mr Cheap", "Bay View Hotel"  - you've all found 'jnots'.

So that's my fave sketch - that and the Python cardinals... TWO! favourite sketches.

Shirt - The Bonzo Dog Band
Tadpoles (1969)

Image credits : Things from another World - pforbinesque
Garlic World -
Hannah Clan
Smokers World -
Emily Webber
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