Monday, 2 February 2009

Some Velvet Morning - Eleven Covers

After recently digging out Spoor by Thin White Rope, to share their splendid version (and several others) of Town Without Pity, I listened to their take on Some Velvet Morning - the Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra classic. Not keen initially, I've warmed to it nicely. 

Soo... me being me, I couldn't resist listening to a few (ok, ok - a lot) other covers of the song, and wasn't overly impressed by some of 'em; but I did manage to scrape eleven decent covers together, including one by Lee Hazlewood himself, accompanied by his grand-daughter, Phaedra.
 If you want more covers of Lee Hazlewood tunes - I suggest you head to Ambient Highway, who have nine(!) volumes of them, also consider buying Total Lee.

Highlights, or opinions on these?, gawd, now you've got me, but OK.
The Lydia Lunch/Rowland Howard one lacks something initially, but recovers well later - it's not Teenage Jesus style. My Dying Bride do a bang-up job, far from the death/doom metal of their reputation. Nick Marsh & Katharine Blake's version is a wonder - dark, swirling & a bit menacing.

Fuckulele play it very straight & cute, Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation made the ballad into a garagey, bluesy classic - the harmonica works a treat. Primal Scream/Kate Moss is much better than I expected, sorta electro/discoey, and very good, there are (much) longer remixes out there, but some lose any connection with the original song, which is silly.

Minimal Side-Effects? - punky, garagey & fast, Herb Diamante? - lots of echoey faux menace, too many effects at the end, but otherwise fine. Slowdive made it very sombre-sounding, which works well. Oh, and Thin White Rope where all this started...? well, just have a listen yourself.

Some Velvet Morning - Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
originally from Nancy & Lee (1969)

Some Velvet Morning - Slowdive
Souvlaki (1993) - originally a compilation track

Some Velvet Morning - Thin White Rope
Spoor (1995 compilation) - originally from the Red Sun EP (1988)
website | buy

Some Velvet Morning - Fuckulele
unreleased (?)

Some Velvet Morning - Herb Diamante
May I Light Your Cigarette? (2006)
myspace | buy

Some Velvet Morning - Nick Marsh & Katharine Blake
A Universe Between Us (2007)
buy | myspace

Some Velvet Morning - Lee Hazlewood & Phaedra
Cake or Death (2006)

Some Velvet Morning - My Dying Bride
Split EP with Ananthema - also on Peaceville X

Some Velvet Morning - Minimal Side-Effects
Minimal Side-Effects (2006)
buy | myspace

Some Velvet Morning - Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard
Some Velvet Morning (2002)

Some Velvet Morning - Primal Scream (feat. Kate Moss)
Evil Heat (2002)

Some Velvet Morning - Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation
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