Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Sacred Sailors - smashing Swedish garage rock

Still playing catch-up & listen with 2008 music; this morning was brightened by Tune In Turn On - an album by The Sacred Sailors... yet-another-Swedish-band. Not that I'm complaining about Sweden & her musicians of course; I just wonder if any other country comes close for likeable bands per head of population. Most probably it's just a very subjective impression, & elsewhere, there are people asking 'why so many bands from Luxembourg?' or even Liechtenstein* maybe?.

Back to the music then - walk away now if you want cutesy-pie Swedish Pop. The Sacred Sailors knock out some smashing cut-down retro-garagey rock, & cut quite a dash doing so. You could ask where the originality is, but that's a sometimes over-rated quality in music. I'd have thought they go down a storm on the 60s/70's garage scene in Europe - and maybe they do, but seem a slightly odd choice to support The Buzzcocks at their Paris gig in March... two sorts of retro I guess - why not?.

I Can't Stand It - The Sacred Sailors

Night Time - The Sacred Sailors

I Got a Fever - The Sacred Sailors
all from Tune in Turn On (2008)

The Sacred Sailors on myspace | buy their album - Tune In Turn On - at Amazon or iTunes

*I mention that teensy principality solely because I once carried the Crown Prince's luggage; not as a lederhosen-clad Germanic flunky though - just a lowly English hotel porter. Christ, that's worse than 'cab drivers - I had that Dick Emery in the back last week...

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