Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Ryan Smith - I Just Want To Feel That Way (free album)

I got an email from Ryan Smith, about his album - "I Just Want To Feel That Way" - taking a punt on the title track, I was very pleasantly rewarded; stone me, it's good. I'd pitch it as kind-of Indie/Americana, and vocally, Richard Hawley & Elliott Smith, (with a twang) come to my mind. Ryan's website says the "music finds middle ground between the far reaches of the indie landscape and the familiarity of pop radio" - take your pick eh.

This song would certainly get some mainstream radio play over here; If you like it too, grab the whole album for nothing at Ryan Smith Online

I Just Want To Feel That Way - Ryan Smith
I Just Want To Feel That Way (2008)
myspace | free album download

And this is Ryan's most recent single - with much more of an indie rock feel...
Sleep Well - Ryan Smith

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