Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Polly Scattergood - last night's gig

Is it possible, in the UK, for a youngish female singer, who can't be neatly piegon-holed, not to be described as Kate bloody Bush for the 21st century?. Probably not, and probably too, I'm a grumpy git, but it grated after hearing the comparison for, ooh... about the tenth time.

Yep, down at the The Cellars in Portsmouth, the comparisons & praise were coming thick & fast for Polly Scattergood, even if that cosy venue was way off being packed, and oddly, seemed half-empty by the end of her set.

Soo, was it any good? - well yes indeed, although if I hadn't heard the album first, I might have wondered what the fuss was about; due in part, to the sound man seeming to favour the drums & keyboards/effects over Polly's voice (sheesh, that's what we came for - do your ears get messed up after too long in the music biz?).

Polly did seem pretty nervous, likely due to it being just the second night of a (very) mini tour to promote the new single; in fact, she said it was just the second time they'd played "Bunny Club" together - one of the best tracks on the album for me. She needn't have worried - it was the best one in the set, certainly it showed Polly in the best light (you could actually hear her).

I'd really like to share "Bunny Club" with you now, but the album's not even released yet, and Polly's (extremely) enthusiastic management would probably come & let my tyres down, so hey-ho, you'll have to wait, & enjoy this instead.

♫ Nitrogen Pink - Polly Scattergood (link removed after this post got mysteriously pulled without notice, but find it loads of other places)
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See yesterday's post for another mp3, and run over to Mute to get the excellent "Number 24" free (unless you count your email address as a form of payment?).
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